Christine Brown may have let slip some information revealing that filming for Sister Wives season 18 is already underway despite her move.

A post by Christine Brown suggests Sister Wives season 18 has already started to film. The mother of six left the large polygamous family back in November of 2021 after realizing she couldn’t make her marriage to Kody Brown work. Fans have been enjoying season 17 as it has shown the couple’s demise and finally some consequences for Kody.

In a recent Instagram post, Christine seemed to let slip that the TLC crew has already started filming in her new Utah home. This gave an immense amount of hope to viewers who felt this was a clear sign that Sister Wives season 18 filming is already underway. Followers flocked to the comment section, with one writing, “TLC get this woman her own show!” Faithful viewers also questioned if it was perhaps a spinoff that would show Christine and Janelle living their own lives away from Arizona and Kody.

Janelle Brown Is Rumored To Have Left Kody Too

Sister Wives followers are split on whether Christine would take part in a spinoff since she has already stated that she will not ditch the show, noting she made a promise to Kody and her former sister wives. Christine shared that as long as TLC is happy to keep the show going, she will stay and honor her contract. Christine noted she doesn’t want to be viewed as disloyal and will still be hanging out with Janelle.

Christine’s daughter, Gwen Brown, recently got fans talking as she hinted on her TikTok that Kody was only with Meri and Robyn in Arizona. She seemingly confirmed that Janelle also decided to step away from her marriage. A source close to the family shared that Janelle reached her breaking point during COVID-19 when Kody ruined his relationship with their children. While Janelle has yet to confirm the news, Sister Wives fans hope that the rumors turn out to be true.

The recent season of Sister Wives is showing off Kody’s inability to comprehend why Christine chose to leave their marriage. Kody has bottled up his anger and resentment, preferring to let it all out during a family conversation. Fans have been left bewildered by Kody’s take on the situation. While season 17 hasn’t been the most exciting, viewers are holding out hope that if season 18 is being filmed now, it will give a better update on the family’s situation.

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