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Christine Brown has been a Sister Wives fan-favorite for years and now she’s helping fans bring their dreams to life.

The TLC personality is active on Cameo, but it seems like she’s willing to produce more than a quick video for fans.

After a fan reached out on Instagram to ask for a favor, Christine readily agreed. But what kind of favor did they ask for? Keep reading to get the details.

Christine Brown showed up for a couple who asked for her help

Christine Brown may be a reality TV star, but apparently she’s really down to earth. After getting a special request from a fan, she didn’t dream of turning them down.

Grooms Leonard Reyes and Cameron Tramel knew they wouldn’t want anyone other than the Sister Wives star to officiate their wedding. And thankfully, she obliged.

Christine Brown, Leo Reyes, and Cameron Trammel from Leo's Instagram

Leo Reyes/Instagram

“She was the first one that I thought of and I was like, ‘Hey, let me just ask her. The worst case scenario is she’s going to say no,’” Leo told The Sun, revealing that he messaged Christine on Instagram to ask. “And then probably within 30 minutes I got a message back and she was like, ‘Oh my God, yes! I would be so honored to.’”

Leo told the publication that he really connected with the reality star after watching her story unfold on Sister Wives.

“She went through a lot of kind of the same things being in a plural marriage,” he continued. “A lot of people don’t accept it. You know, being gay and getting married, it’s not usually as acceptable.”

Christine Brown and David Woolley at the wedding she officiated, from Leo Reyes' Instagram

Leo Reyes/Instagram

The newlywed also said that Christine didn’t ask for any payment and had a great time at the reception with her fiance David Woolley. Leo shared that the TLC stars have become great friends since the wedding.

“Her and David are lifelong friends for sure… We may have a trip coming up with them next month,” he told The Sun.

Now, it’s time to plan their own wedding

It looks like Christine and David had a blast as wedding guests. But now, they have a wedding of their own to plan.

According to one insider, the couple plans to marry this summer, most likely in July. A source told The Sun that they want to have the wedding before the kids head back to school in the fall.

More than likely, Sister Wives fans can expect the ceremony to be taped. TLC definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on that kind of content. But since Sister Wives is notoriously behind real events, it could be a while before fans see it play out onscreen.

Are you excited to see that Christine Brown officiated an LGBTQ+ wedding? Share what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Sister Wives content.

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