LITTLE People, Big World’s Tori and Zach Roloff have watched their oldest son graduate from kindergarten.

Tori, 32, and Zach, 33, experienced an extremely proud parenting moment when their six-year-old son Jackson accepted his diploma this week.

Tori Roloff posted new photos from Jackson’s Kindergarten graduation.Credit: Instagram/toriroloff

The six-year-old proudly accepted his diploma on stage with his peers.Credit: Instagram/toriroloff

Tori posted a series of adorable photos on Instagram from the milestone event.

The first photo was a family portrait where everyone in the family color-coordinated with Jackson’s graduation gown.

The mother of three also shared a heartwarming photo of her hugging her son while a huge smile was spread across his face.

Of course, there were also a couple of photos of Jackson in his cap and gown on the stage and shaking hands with his teacher.

But the final photo was the one that really sent TLC fans over the edge.

Jackson was pictured holding his diploma and proudly smiling down at the piece of paper in his hands.

The LPBW star captioned the post: “SO proud of our little graduate!! I have loved watching you learn and grow this year Jackson! You rocked it tonight! Watch out 1st grade!”


Fans flooded Tori’s comment section with messages of congratulations for Jackson, and they shared their love for the final photo.

One said, “The last picture says it all! He’s very proud of himself.”

Another said, “I can’t get over how adorable, handsome, funny, and smart he is! Love watching videos of you all. Jackson sure says the funniest things! Cracks me up!”

“Congratulations Jackson! First graduate of the family, your sister is grandma’s twin,” added a third.

Someone else wrote, “He is so handsome and he looks so proud! Congrats.”


Tori recently posted a video of Jackson amid worry for his well-being.

In the video, Tori captured her six-year-old son as he sat at a table.

The boy held a Sharpie pen in his hand, which he traced over his drawing of the life cycle of a butterfly.

Tori captioned the video with three crying emojis, seemingly caught up in the sweet moment of her eldest son.

Alongside Jackson, the TV star shares three-year-old Lilah and one-year-old Josiah with her husband.

After Tori posted photos from Josiah’s rodeo-themed birthday bash, many TLC fans couldn’t help but worry about Jackson’s health.

A lot of commenters noticed how bowed Jackson’s legs looked, and several asked prying questions about the surgery he could get to fix the issue.

One asked: “What a beautiful family!! Love watching your show!! are there any more surgeries to straighten out his legs?”

Another suggested: “Check out the Shriners in your area. They will help Jackson at no cost to you.”

“I thought Jackson had surgery to fix his legs?” asked a third fan.

A final fan commented: “Jackson’s legs getting more and more arched this child must be very uncomfortable to walk.”

Fans previously voiced their concern for young Jackson after they noticed his bowed legs in a photo from March and in photos from his recent victorious soccer match.

Fans fawned over the Roloff’s oldest son and expressed how proud they were of him.Credit: Instagram/toriroloff

Fans especially loved this photo of Jackson admiring his diploma.Credit: Instagram/toriroloff

Recently, fans have been concerned for Jackson and his health.Credit: Instagram/toriroloff

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