Beloved character Glenn Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been on a self-discovery journey since losing his wife, Babs. All of us at Thore have found this year to be extremely difficult. Supporters, however, are happy to see Glenn gradually reestablishing his social life and coming to terms with the fact that life goes on even after losing a loved one.

Whether Glenn is ready to date again is a question that many viewers have. While some admirers feel he should wait to pursue romantic relationships, others think he would make a great candidate for The Golden Bachelor.

Fans have taken to online platforms to discuss Glenn’s potential dating life. Some viewers are eager to see him move on and find happiness with someone new. They speculate about possible connections through Angie or even suggest him as a candidate for The Golden Bachelor.

On the other hand, some fans express concern about Glenn’s daughter, Whitney Way Thore, and how she may react to her father’s dating life. They worry that Whitney’s involvement could potentially complicate and disrupt any romantic relationships Glenn may pursue.

There are also fans who believe that Glenn needs more time to grieve and heal before considering dating again. They emphasize the recent loss of his wife, Babs, and argue that rushing into a new relationship may not be in Glenn’s best interest.

Though there were differing views in the Reddit discussion, a lot of responses stressed how important it is to give Glenn the time and space he needs to grieve and get better. Others, however, raised the subject of companionship, speculating that Glenn might decide to go on a date just to have someone with whom to share experiences and activities.

It doesn’t seem like Glenn has a new partner as of yet. Supporters of My Big Fat Fabulous Life typically convey their sincere worries for the family patriarch’s well. It will be interesting to see how Glenn handles this new chapter in his life and what lies ahead for his dating life as time goes on.

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